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"and also far-fetched"

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An icon contest community for Donna Moss of The West Wing.
Feel free to also post icons that you have made to the community, but please be sure they are marked as non-contest icons.

Each Thursday night, a cap will be posted. You may do whatever you like to the cap, as long as it is the only image used. Please no vulgarity. And there is a difference between using strong language and vulgarity. If you have a question about an icon feel free to email the moderator: docfraiser8@hotmail.com

You may post your entries Thursday evening to the next Wednesday evening
Late Wednesday to Late Thursday is the voting period.
Winners announced late late Thursday or Friday morning, along with the next caps or set of lyrics.

The Basic Rules:
1. You may use only the specified cap/picture/lyrics.
2. One entry per person, per week. If you make extras please post them under a standard lj cut. The icon posted above the cut will be your entry.
3. All entries will be posted to the journal. If you do not have a journal account please contact the moderator at docfraiser8@hotmail.com and something will be worked out.
4. Anyone found copying another user will be banned from the community.